The Illinois Music Education Association exists to advocate for universal access to comprehensive music education; deliver exemplary professional development for educators; and provide outstanding musical experiences for all Illinois learners facilitated by licensed music educators.

Professional Development

ILMEA is proud to be an ISBE approved professional development provider. Stay updated on licensure and upcoming opportunities!


Connect with educators across the state in your content area. Find educator resources, student opportunities and audition resources for your participating students.


Join students and colleagues from your area of the state for student programs, district festivals, networking and professional development activities.

Join the over 25,000 teachers and students who take part in these outstanding events! 


Through auditions or nominations, students at participating schools can take part in local and state-level ensembles with other Illinois music students. Opportunities for elementary through high school students include
band, chorus, general music, jazz and orchestra.

Become a participating school today!


The premier professional development event for Illinois Music Educators


The annual conference held in Peoria, Illinois brings together educators from every area and age level of music education. Featuring over 150 clinics and concerts over three days, you are sure to come away with fresh ideas and resources to bring back to your classroom!

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